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Comments: This is a fantastic racquet! But it is not for everyone. It is very low powered in stock form, and I believe lead tape, along with gut or poly really makes it come alive. Insane control over your shots, and it actually has made me hit through the ball a lot more. The feel is amazing, it is a beautiful stick, the Tecnifibre leather grip feels great, just a very good players frame. It took a couple times out on the courts with it, to fully unlock its potential, but I am so glad that I did. I stocked up on both patterns and grommets. I hope to be playing with this frame for a very long time.
From: Johnathan, 6/16

Comments: This is a great racquet, especially after some customization with lead tape. Strung with Wilson Sensation at 50 lbs. Added 4 grams of lead at 12 and 4 gram total at 3 and 9 o'clock. To counter-balance the weight, I added 8 grams of lead under the grip. What was a low-powered, control oriented stick became a racquet that hits heavy, deep shots with plenty of power. It still is a control oriented stick, so it really feels nice to do a full-swing, see the ball land in with lots of pace and spin. I've played with the TF325, which I really liked, but the customization really brings out the hidden beast in the racquet. Feels solid and plush at the same time.
From: Max, 2/15

Comments: I am a strong 4.0/weak 4.5 player. I like to hit the ball hard with a moderate amount of spin. I play at altitude (6,000 feet), so I am accustomed to not hitting with a large amount of net clearance. That said, I do not hit flat, but I do not hit loopy topspin either. Having never liked a closed pattern in my life, I must say that I was tempted to purchase it. The previous comment is relatively accurate, and I understand why he did not like it. This racquet is super precise, and I did not have to worry about hitting long very much, even at altitude. So, it is important to note that this racquet does not give you much at all. It requires you to hit through the ball rather than over the top of it like people who use full Western grips have a tendency to do. I did settle for this racquet with the open pattern because I was able to do just a little bit more with it. If you are looking for a racquet with less power, give this one a shot.
From: Taylor, 11/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 player that relies on power and hitting through the court with a heavy ball. I currently play with a Head Prestige Pros Midplus. I use a modern forehand with full western grip and a one handed backhand with a full backhand grip, I rely on heavy topspin on both sides. This racquet is going up for sale after 2 months of trying to work with it. It is a total slug, no power and the hoop is extremely flimsy. Anything not hit low on the string bed on the sweet spot barely gets over the net. I tried Razor Code and Black Magic in case it was the strings, nope. I added lead to it, and sure it made it better, but no better than the Prestiges so out it goes. Not sure who this racquet is for, maybe a tour pro with tons of lead on it that spins his body 270 degrees hitting every ball. Otherwise, I would recommend you buy almost anything else in this category of racquets. This one is a total dud.
From: Gtechy, 12/13

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