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Comments: This is an amazing frame, but it needs a little lead in the hoop to be perfect in my opinion. In a world full of stiff frames, this literally destroys the competition. It is not a beginner frame, and there isn't a lot of free power. But the feel is to die for, and it makes you want to just hit one more shot so that you can experience the feel a little longer. Sadly it's being discontinued, so grab them while you can (and get some grommets) this is a frame that you can enjoy for life (and you won't harm your elbow and can play with it for life)! Simply an amazing frame, the 18 main is also great, I just prefer the 16 main. Plays great with any string, and if you value feel and control, this is your frame.
From: Johnathan, 4/16

Comments: I too replaced the stock leather grip with Wilson Comfort Hybrid grip and an overgrip. I had it strung with Big Hitter Black 7 (16 gauge) at 52 lbs. Put on a Pete Sampras dampner and it's ready to go.
From: Ted, 4/15

Comments: I took off the leather grip and put on an X-Tra Sharp Grip. Strung it with Sonic Pro Edge 16 at 50 lbs. It is the perfect balance, feel, spin and power.
From: Jerry, 4/15

Comments: Wow, I love this racquet. I've always searched for the "right" racquet. This one has great control and is so comfortable. It also has power when you need it. I recommend a low string tension. I have it strung at 56 lbs and next time I'll try 55 lbs. I've never had string tension this low, I usually string around 60 lbs.
From: Dexter, 4/15

Comments: I switched to this racquet from a Wilson ProStaff 100L and 95. I liked the Wilson ProStaff 95 but the smaller head size was giving me issues, especially against hard hitters. So I decided to look for a 98 square inch racquet with similar or same specs as the ProStaff 95. That's how I came across the Tecnifibre T-Fight 315. At first, I had it strung with Wilson NXT Control at 55 lbs. The racquet felt stiff and jarring to the arm. I sent it back to TW but later decided to get it back and change the string. And so I did. I changed the string to the Wilson NXT Power at 58 lbs and bingo! I have the best racquet ever! The feeling is soft, the racquet does not vibrate anymore and I have plenty of power and control. I can put in shots in the court that I could not do with the ProStaff 95 and 100L. With the right string setup, this is a fabulous racquet. It has hands down the best feeling a racquet can have. Most people go for Wilsons, Head, Babolat because of Fed, Djoker and Rafa but this little French company is making one of the best racquets in the world. A must demo and a must buy! Tecnifibre T-Fight 315 LTD 16M, Strung with Wilson NXT Power at 58 lbs. NTRP: 3.5
From: Neelav, 11/14

Comments: For years, I have been a chronic racquet-changer. I started hitting with the TFight 315 Ltd 16 about a year ago, and my immediate impression was that it felt like a "better" Head Prestige Pro (YOUTEK IG). Slightly bigger sweet spot, softer frame, but roughly same weight, feel, and balance. I would play with the TF for a few months, then try something else (e.g., Babolat PST; Yonex vCore Tour G 310; Wilson PS95S) which I guess means I wasn't able to commit to any one frame. Then I picked up a Wilson RF97A, and immediately noticed that I enjoyed a heavier frame. The RF97A was perhaps too much of a swing in the "heavy" department, so I took the TF 315 and added lead (5g at 6 and 9; 13g in the handle) and have been playing with this setup 4x a week for 4-5 weeks. Strung, with over grip and a string dampener, it comes in at about 12.4 oz and 5pts HL. I really think I've landed on something here, to the point where I am afraid to try another frame because I don't want to be thrown off my adaptation to this setup. I haven't felt this way about any frame in years. With the lead, I no longer have to swing hard/fast simply to get the ball over the net. I have a range of options on how I hit the ball, and can reserve speed/power for the times it's safe to use it. My rally ball has gotten heavier, and my consistency has improved because my movement is smoother. I'm an average 4.0+ rec player with well-coached stroke technique, preferring med HC surfaces and a baseline oriented game. Played more all-court years ago, under the fanboy influence of watching Sampras, and as some pros are getting more aggressive about adding in net play I'm starting to experiment with that again. The TF with the setup I've described is a perfect partner so far -- it does just exactly what I expect it to do, without arm-killing stiffness.
From: Richard, 10/14

Comments: Great racquet, absolutely love it. Plays solid, great all around the court, and the leather grip is oh so fantastic. Have it weighted with power strips at 3, 9 and 12 -- I would definitely recommend it.
From: Jake, 3/14

Comments: This is a rare breed of a frame. Tecnifibre, such as ProKennex are "confidential" manufacturers that fulfill the market requirements for high-performance flexible frames. And thus without marketing bells and whistles. Performance-wise, this TFight 315 plays phenomenal on European clay.
From: Daniel, 2/14

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and found this racquet to have tons of control, nice and solid feel, and ample amount of power when needed. This racquet was a real pleasure to hit with. Kind of reminded me of an old Head Prestige, which I believe is one of the best frames ever made. I was able to direct the ball anywhere I wanted it to go, with nice ball pocketing. This frame is different than other Technifibres in that it has a very lively stringbed, and is not as dead feeling, as the other ones I've used. Overall, a frame that hits every shot well, all while feeling very comfortable with plenty of plow-through.
From: Josh, 11/13

Comments: There is not a better feeling and more solid feeling racquet out there (especially when you add lead to it). I personally get plenty of spin, great control, good touch, great comfort, power when needed (you have to have a good stroke and be able to apply it yourself -- it does not come with free power, but still has it when needed). I am in love with this racquet and think everyone in the market for a new racquet should at least demo it. I do not believe it is a racquet that should be played in stock form, (but, it can be played stock and play well) -- I think you will unlock the true potential of this racquet with lead. I am a college player going to a JUCO that is ranked in the top 5 in the nation. I have played with a Liquidmetal Radical MP, Flexpoint Prestige MP, and Tecnifibre TFight 325 VO2 Max. I have also demoed a ton of racquets from nearly every brand.
From: Alex, 7/13

Comments: I tried this some days ago, very easy to swing with this racquet, very soft and good for your arm. I strung it with Razor Code 1.25 and it is a very good solution for this racquet, so this is a must test racquet.
From: Svole, 3/13

Comments: Nice to see that Tecnifibre moved stifness under 60. This racquet plays well and the basic leather grip is nice bonus! Second best after the Volkl PB 10 mid, but well ahead of the Babolat Storm Tour and Wilson Six One 95!
From: Jan, 2/13

Comments: This is one sweet stick! They aren't joking when they say it's spin friendly. The new thinner beam makes if feel like a real player's racquet. I've been a huge fan of Tecnifibre already but this new frame will bring many more players.
From: Mark, 1/13
String type: Tecnifibre Black Code mains / Syn Gut crosses

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