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Comments: Totally love the feel and consistency of this racquet. Controlled power all in one. TW did a beautiful stencil job on my strings (triangle high up around the power zone) it really makes the racquet attractive. My specs are specific, I need power, control but not too heavy and not too light, I have to be able to serve big and hard without injury and this racquet fits my needs in spades. I spoke with at least 5 TW specialists and each were patient and very knowledgable. I demo'd this TFlash 300 and the TFight 295 ATP. I plan on buying 4 more with a new bag. It's worth the money, believe me on this. Excellent quality and kudos to quality control at TW! I am so happy with this weapon.
From: SL, 10/14

Comments: The previous one is way better compared to this new model. The previous TFlash 300 model is very comparable to the 2006 Babolat AeroPro Drive without the aerodynamic beam of the APD. My only complaint of the previous Tflash model is the construction, the graphite material feels somewhat cheap compared to the APD that is very solid. On the other hand, this newer version is a definite downhill for Technifiber.
From: Triggz, 9/14

Comments: This is a fast swinging and explosive racquet -- at first I even thought it swung too fast! It is really stable for its weight and feels solid and even soft for its flex number. To me, it is compareable to an APD but has a nicer touch and better control/stability. Really a shame that Tecnifibre doesn't get more recognition for their great racquets -- especially this one!
From: Matt, 6/14

Comments: I am currently using the new 295 MP 100 and love it. I wanted to love this stick, but it feels lifeless. It's like a baseball bat. And the grip shape that I love on the 295 Tfight which is very rectangular is a little more rounded on this one which was the deal breaker for me. Try the 295 MP. I'm loving it, and I have owned every stick out there. I'm a rackaholic, and the 295 mp is my elixir of choice.
From: Dan, 6/14

Comments: The improvements over the previous model are obvious from the first shot played. This racquet is more solid, plays much stiffer and is like pointing a laser -- deadly accurate! Mine came strung with Razor Code and for the first time I was able to play without much discomfort. All around, the most solid spin friendly midplus racquet out there. Try it. You'll not be disappointed!
From: Justin, 2/14

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