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Comments: In my continued search for a NB 1001-02 replacement, I am frustrated. There is no replacement it seems. The 1001 was the best tennis shoe I've ever had. When I found this shoe I bought several pairs, for fear it would be discontinued (this has happened to me with running shoes when I was a runner). Why can't NB Balance get the message? Bring back the 1001-02! I have tried the 1004 and was so disappointed...
From: Carol, 7/12

Comments: I bought the 1004 and while I can actually feel the arch support, the shoe is very boxy and feels rather stiff. The heel cup is deep and gives good ankle support, but these are not my favorite shoes.
From: Lynne, Houston, TX, USA. 4/11

Comments: I agree with the majority of these letters begging you to bring back the 1001's. Why do you keep discontinuing great shoes? I have worn three different models since the 1001, most recently the 782's, now I can't buy these any more. What's the deal?!
From: Pat, Newnan, GA, USA, 01/11

Comments: After so many requests to bring back the 1001, I really do not understand why they will not bring them back. They were the best tennis shoe I have been able to find.
From: L. Mundell, San Angelo, Texas, USA. 4/10

Comments: I have purchased New Balance shoes for years and love them for the wide width, which works well with my bunions. This shoe has never felt quite right. There was too much open space in the heel area and my feet and ankle don't feel supported. The shoes I used to buy are no longer available, so I'm looking for a different model.
From: Terri, St. Louis, MO. 3/10

Comments: Couldn't agree more with the comments that these shoes just don't fit right. I teach aerobics by profession and New Balance is my favorite brand. I thought that would carry over to my 'new' found love tennis, but WOW! Nothing about these shoes felt right. The toe bed was hit me where my feet fell asleep and they were at least 1 1/2" long in an 8. I have bought 20+ New Balance size 8 shoes for teaching and never was a shoe so poorly made. I don't know where to turn now.
From: Loni, Columbia, SC, USA 01/10

Comments: I loved the WCT 1003 -- so comfortable in the toe bed. The WCT 1004 with its redesign to give more support rubs my feet the wrong way. Very uncomfortable! Now I have to find a new style that my feet love. I keep hoping to find some source that still has the WCT 1003 in my size.
From: Laura, Honolulu, HI USA. 10/09

Comments: Everyone is right on the money with comments about "new, improved" New Balance WCT's. The 1001's are far superior to any of the subsequent experiments. Many of my tennis friends used to wear NB, but have quit with all of the changes, which resulted in an inferior tennis shoe with a steep price tag. I miss my 1001's!
From: Barbara, Franklin, TN USA 09/09

Comments: I am trying to replace my 1001's and have tried the WCT 1004 in both my usual size AND a size smaller and they are just not comfortable - stiff, poor support at the arch...just NOT like the 1001's which I LOVE! Why did you discontinue them?
From: Sheila, Ellicott City, MD 08/09

Comments: The 1004s are comfortable to wear but my feet have never ached like this before. I loved the 1001s as did half of my women's 4.0 team. Why does New Balance refuse to go back to that shoe?
From: Kathy, Whitmore Lake, MI USA. 8/09

Comments: Forgive me for 'shouting' at you, but PLEASE BRING BACK THE 1001. They were wonderful shoes, and no, the subsequent versions are NOT better or even similar. It's not necessary to keep changing what works. The 1001 was a very popular shoe and it would make good business sense for you to bring it back - you have a built-in market of people who miss that shoe.
From: Iris Mielonen, Austin,TX, USA 08/09

Comments: I wholeheartedly agree with Sherri from Tulsa, OK. The 1001s were the best. Subsequent updates have not fared well at all. Tried the 1004 and they are indeed too big. NB: Bring back the 1001s!
From: Donna, Saco, ME, USA 07/09

Comments: LOVED the 1003!! I think I have three or four old pairs in my closet. However, 1004 are horrible! My feet every morning after playing. I don't think they are supporting my feet properly. Bring back the 1003!!! Stop changing things! Change isn't always better!!!
From: Marlene. 7/09

Comments: I liked the cushion in comparison to the other NB shoes I have worn but about 30 days into wearing the shoes they developed the noisiest squeaking and squishing noise. My doubles partner says it sounds like I am walking in wet shoes! I will not purchase this style again.
From: Helen, Corvallis, OR USA 06/09

Comments: Love the shoe. I just switched from the Asics Gel Challengers 6.0. My main goal was to find another sneaker that wouldn't hamper my foot speed and more ventilation. My first experience with the WCT 1004, I played for three hours straight and they were awesome! Lightweight, plenty of ventilation, padding, and overall support. Great sneaker from someone who doesn't like change and plays around 10-15 hrs per week. I am curious to see how long they last considering I would replace my Asics Gel Challengers every 3 months.
From: Nancy, Cornwall, NY, USA. 4/09

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