New Balance MC 1187 D White/Navy Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I've got to say I'm a dedicated adidas shoe man (Barricades mostly), but these are pretty good shoes. Unlike the Barricades they're ready to play right out of the box. I haven't had them long enough to comment on the wear, but so far, the performance has been excellent. The shoe has a very nice sized toe box to fit my standard size foot, the arch support is well above average, but I do prefer a shoe with a little firmer ankle support. But overall a very playable shoe.
From: Kenny, 10/12

Comments: These shoes fit great and are extremely comfortable. They didnt last more than a month before there were totally worn out. TW was great and replaced them under the performance warranty - unfortunately less than a month later they wore through again. Not for anyone that plays more than a couple times a week.
From: Austin, 5/12

Comments: If you like blue socks these are the shoes for you! The blue tennis ball logo on the insoles bleeds onto the bottom of your socks and turns them blue. I sent the shoes back and New Balance sent me another pair of shoes that does the exact same thing. I have worn various sports shoes for more than 50 years and have never had this happen to me. Don't waste your money on these shoes.
From: Dave. 3/12

Comments: I bought these shoes on September 9. On September 17 the shoes are worn out and have holes in them. I've been playing on clay and hard and shoes are not supposed to wear out on clay. These shoes did though. The stability is good, but there is lack of cushioning. It has a nice sleek appearance, though. I play 5 days a week and am very committed. So I think this shoe would be good for a player who goes out and plays once or twice a week.
From: Jacob, 9/11

Comments: I bought these shoes on July 7 and as of August 7 (one month) they are worn out where the bottom is almost smooth. There is no traction left and they are really close to coming through the inside of the shoe. I play at least once a day on a hard court; but this shoe is very low to the ground and provides very little cushioning. The outer sole is set up to provide a better sole material except where you need it most; in the forefoot area which appears to be made of a softer material and design difference in traction lending itself to a fast decay. I am sending them back and thought that someone else can benefit from my experience. I expected better from New Balance.
From: Don, 8/11

Comments: I really wanted to like this shoe because I've been wearing NB shoes for 10 years now. Recently, I decided to play tennis again so I figured I'd try my first NB tennis shoe, and I picked the 1187 as their top of the line tennis shoe. The shoe feels okay walking around, and you can tell there's a lot of cushion. However, they really made my feet hurt on the court. My toes and soles were sore and even my ankles felt like they were sore (never experienced that before). I also sprained my ankle which I previously had never done by playing tennis before. I figured I was just really rusty so I gave the shoes a few weeks, but they hurt my feel every time without fail. Finally, I realized what the issue was. These shoes have absolutely no arch support. They probably work well if you have flat feet, but if you have an arch, forget it. Just today I picked up a pair of Barricade 6.0's which felt shockingly stiff and uncomfortable at the store, but I could tell they had good arch support so I gave them a try and took them right out on the court. They felt amazing. I didn't feel like I needed to break them in at all. I'm not sure what I'll do with the NB 1187's now. I'll probably bite the bullet and donate them to Goodwill or something.
From: George. 7/11

Comments: This is the Cliff Notes Version of my comments. I have played in the shoes less than a month for approximately 3 hours 3 times per week give or take a day or two. The toes have already started to wear through. However, there is great comfort and stability, but I question the durability, especially for anyone who is any more hard core than myself. Now I will see just how well the guarantee works. More to follow.
From: Martez, 7/11

Comments: I am 6'2, 212 lbs and consider myself an all-courter with an emphasis on serve and volley. I play about 5 times a week including practice and am very hard on shoes. Most importantly, I wear a size 15 and it is very difficult to find a shoe that (1) fits true to size, (2) is comfortable (3) looks good and last but not least (4) performs as advertised. After New Balance discontinued the 1001s I was almost as upset with them as I am Dunlop for discontinuing the MAX 200G; however, this new shoe more than makes up for it. I tested them the same day I received them in the mail, meaning, I went straight from the box to my men's 4.5 league match. The match lasted 3 hrs and went three sets 7-5, 6-7 (15-13), 6-7 (11-9). Initially, the shoes were a little tight in the forefoot but that was gone by the end of the warm up. I was a volleying and retrieving machine that night. Initially I wasn't sure whether or not I would have good ankle stability and support (I forgot to put on my ankle brace); however, after pulling/ tightening laces in the ring section never once did I slip or feel any insecurities. The shoes were as comfortable as they come and unlike most Nike's, I had no pain whatsoever anywhere. Thanks Jackson (TW staff) for the recommendation. If you have a large foot, are an aggressive player and have had trouble finding the right shoe, I say your journey stops here. Not sure about the sole and how long they last, but you get a guarantee so I can't see how one could lose. Enjoy.
From: Martez. 6/11

Comments: Like the previous reviewer, I think theses are a worthy successor to my dearly departed Asics Gel Resolution 2. Certainly more comfortable than the GelRes3. The 1187 had a great fit from the moment I tried them on and I have had no comfort issues through about 20 hours of play on clay & hard courts. The heel does feel like it's cut a little lower than the Asics, and they are missing a top offset eyelet, but I haven't felt any heel slippage during play. They are supportive laterally, sit low to the ground--which I like--but have more cushioning & support than the Nike Air Vapor V. I am on clay primarily in the summer so can't speak yet to durability (which was an issue on hard courts with the Asics). Have even gotten nice comments on the silver/orange design, and just ordered two more pairs.
From: Nathaniel, 4.0 player, 185lbs. 6/11

Comments: Let me tell you, those shoes are absolutely remarkable. I tested them the same day I received them in the mail, meaning, I went straight from the box to the men's 4.5 match. The match lasted 3 hrs and went three sets 7-5, 6-7 (15-13), 6-7 (11-9). Initially, they were a little tight in the forefoot but that was gone by the end of the warm up.
I was a volleying and retrieving fool that night. Initially I wasn't sure whether or not I would have good ankle stability and support; however, after pulling tightening laces in the ring section never once did I slip or feel any insecurities. Truth be known, after New Balance discontinued the 1001's I was almost as upset with them as I am Dunlop for discontinuing the 200G. This new shoe more than makes up for it
From: Martez, UT, USA, 06/11

Comments: Wow - I'm impressed! I've been on a mission to find the perfect shoe and I'm still looking. However, this shoe has a lot to offer. I still need to accept the reality that I am paying over $100 for an all plastic shoe (some mesh in the tongue area). I get that (with all the various brands), but it still kills me. My experience spans dozens of pairs of various Nike, Prince, K Swiss, Asics, back to Prince and now these NB 1187Ds. 2 or 3 years ago, the original Asics Gel Resolution was THE shoe I thought I had always been looking for, albeit, not real durable. But it was lightweight, cool, and the perfect balance of cushioning and support. Sadly, each of the next 2 generations progressively lost those attributes. Today, the GR3 is just a regular shoe - and a stiff one at that. Forced to bridge the gap, I most recently have worn through 4 pair of Prince T22s. Not a fancy shoe, and a little heavy, but all in all a serviceable decent shoe. Kind of a workhorse. NOW these new New Balance's. I coach and teach and play 4 or 5 times a week on hard courts, so we'll see about the wear aspect. I must say though that as soon as I put them on, they felt like home. I've played over 5 hours in them over the first 2 days. They have very decent cushioning. When I don't have to think about support on hard stops and lateral cuts, they are doing their job. They also accommodate my orthotics, which fit under the insole. Some shoes are not deep enough in the heel counter area which causes heel slippage and loss of stability, but these are fine. I felt noticeably quicker, probably given the lighter weight relative to the T22s. Absolutely no seams or hot spots to rub blisters. I've got to say that I'm a little closer to my impossible quest.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I bought these shoes at the end of March, beginning of April direct from NB. Overall, the shoe is way better than the 1004s. More traction, stability, and better fit. The only downside is that the rubber sole wears out pretty quickly. I have been playing a lot in the past 3 weeks so I would estimate about 30 hours of hard/aggressive play and the right bottom big toe sole is starting to wear down. I can see the 2nd layer of rubber now. I think it is the way my right foot over pronates when I walk/run that is causing this issue. Anyway, if you have wide feet like me and only NB fits, then this is a great shoe for performance. If you want more durability, I would go with the 1004s, although they are not as performance oriented as the 1187s.
From: AJ, Fairfield, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Bought these shoes today in the size d, and hit with them for about an hour and half. Overall a pretty solid shoe. Good traction, very comfy, pretty stable, and nice design/colors. The only downside to the shoe would be that the toe box is a little too roomy, the weight was a little too light for me, and the lace system was ok, I had to re-tie my laces a few times over the hour and half that I was playing tennis. I am an aggressive mover, and the 15.0 oz's, I felt did not support my movement. I do not think I will use them, and I will stick to the Air Courtballistec 3.3s. If I had to put the 2 together, the 3.3's ares more stable and have better support, the mc 1187d has much better comfort and no break-in period. I would recommend them though for those who are looking to update the ct 1004. It is a much better shoe than the ct 1004 d.
From: William, Los Angeles, CA, 4.5 player. 4/11

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