Wimbledon - 2008 Federer v. Nadal DVD Customer feedback

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Comments: We I watched this on TV Johnny Mac had the Mic. This has 2 brits doing the commentary. Still Greatest match ever, though I can't wait for the Aussie 2012 discs to come out. These make for good father's day gifts, I'm going to try to get the Sampras/Agassi 2002 and the McEnroe/Borg 1980.
From: Tom, 2/12

Comments: This match was, is, and will be the best of all time. It got me into tennis over three years ago and I've been a Federer fan since. Long live the King
From: Kevin, 12/11

Comments: "If you can meet with triumph & disaster, & treat those two imposters just the same." Ruyard Kipling. By far the BEST tennis match that has ever been played!!! I don't know if there ever will be another final of this magnitude with so much on the line. And the way it was played must truly stick in the minds of any fellow tennis player, like myself. If you are a die- hard tennis fan who follows the game closely and passionately, this DVD is a definite must-have!
From: Shane. 5/11

Comments: First time I saw this match it was broadcast in hdtv. The dvd transfer is 480i which is not clear on a big screen tv.
From: Gary, Irvine, CA, USA. 02/10

Comments: Best match in terms of strokes and drama that I have ever seen! Right up there and possibly greater than McEnroe/Borg of 1980 Wimbledon and that is saying something. The best players of this decade playing at the best level at the best place in history. This Final will be along the pantheons of all time great matches to be ever seen and witnessed by any fan of tennis! May Fed and Nadal have many more matches for their long enduring rivalry and we are priveleaged to be a part of it!
From: Brian, Houston, Texas US 08/09

Comments: This match was the best and most disappointing for me. Since I don't want Nadal to win Wimbledon. It made me cry when Roger struggled to come back from 2 sets. Really motivating and depressing video. You will understand what that meant after watching. Hope 2009 Wimbledon is just as good, so that it will come out in dvd.
From: Pirathepan, toronto,ontario, Canada. 1/09

Comments: This match truly elevates baseline tennis from mere slugging back and forth to an art form. I don't know if there will ever again be two players of the same generation so skilled at this fluid form of the game. Saying that this match is the best ever is potentially the understatement of the Open Era.
From: Anon. 12/08

Comments:This was the best tennis match I have ever seen; two top-seeded players trading blow for blow. This match had the drama, the excitement, and the tension. I was going for Federer, but both NADAL and ROGER will be remembered for this forever.
From: Michael, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 12/08

Comments: Breath taking, the best match I ever seen. Rafa finally did it. They both will be remembered for this match in their careers.
From: Ada, Puerto Rico, 12/08

Comments: The winning of Goran Ivanisevic was amazing, a wild card winning, he is the best Wimbledon champion. This 2008 final was unbelievable played by two big Wimbledon champions I almost crashed the TV when Federer had that small lack of confidence in the 5th set and gave the title to Nadal, that's tennis.
From: Joao, Portugal, 11/08

Comments: ...inspiring...legendary...best. match. ever.
From: Bryan, Boston, USA. 10/08

Comments: I was in London while this match was taking place, just a few miles from it. I watched all 5 hours, and during the rain delays rushed to the nearby Pizza Hut to grab a bite to be back in time for the rest of the game. It was the best game I've ever seen and I'll be watching it time and time again.
From: Nick, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 10/08

Comments: The greatest match. Yes, there is commentary with a high quality. Everyone must have this match in his library.
From: wael, Cairo, Egypt. 8/08

Comments: How does this DVD look on a HDTV? What is the resolution like? Are the commercials taken out? what is the aspect ratio?
From: Mike, North Carolina, USA. 8/08
(Mike, the Format is NTSC, the picture ratio is 16:9 anamorphic Widescreen. Sound is Dolby 2.0. There are no commercials on the DVD. -- TW)

Comments: Rafael still not better than federer, BEST MATCH EVER IN THE WORLD.
From: joe, dubuque, IA, usa. 8/08

Comments: Does anyone know if there is commentary on this match?
From: Shane, Burkburnett, TX, USA.
(Wimbledon DVDs do include commentary. -- TW)

Comments: The best match ever played.
From: Andrew, Minnesota, USA. 8/08

Comments: There will be no tennis final like this for decades!
From: Michael, Princeton, NJ, USA. 8/08

Comments: One of the best matches I have ever seen, if not the best!! Those guys played their hearts out with incredible points through out the match. And the excitement through out the match was heart stopping, what more can you ask for. To bad there had to be a loser. VAMOS, RAFA !!!
From: Carlo, San Diego, CA, USA. 8/08

From: jonno, spain. 7/08