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Recoil from Prince is a revolutionary string that is designed to realign after each hit. Unlike traditional strings that can become out of alignment after hitting, Recoil's low friction Gore(TM) MicroWeb technology allows the string to slide back into position after each hit. Prince claims this allows the stringbed to perform with greater consistency for each strike, resulting in greater control and consistency for the player. The Gore(TM) technology also improves string durability as there is less notching due to the string's low friction characteristic. Our TW playtesters enjoyed the control-oriented response of this string. We found control and spin from this string comparable to a co-polyester string while the response is much softer and forgiving (arm-friendly). A solid choice for the player who seeks the ultimate performance from their racquet's stringbed.
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Construction: Solid Core with a filament wrap. Gore(TM) MicroWeb technology extends string life, and provides a unique, low friction recoil for string realignment.
  • Color: White

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