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Here is your chance to sample some of the best strings from one of the industry's great string manufacturers! At great savings, the Gamma Performance Variety Pack includes:

  • Moto 16 & 17: a shaped and very durable co-polyesyer with incredible spin potential and above-average comfort for a control string. You will receive both the 16 and 17 gauge versions in black. Recommended to intermediate and advanced players with long, fast strokes. Players with compact strokes are encouraged to hybrid this one with Professional or TNT2.

  • iO 16 & 17: a round co-poly that offers maximum control and durability to big hitters. You will receive the 16g silver version and the 17g blue version. Recommended to advanced players. Players with compact stokes are encouraged to use this in a hybrid with Professional or TNT2.

  • TNT2 16: a solid core string constructed with Gamma's time-tested TNT2 formula. The result is a wonderful blend of power and control in a comfortably crisp package. Color, natural.

  • Professional 16: one of the game's most responsive multifilaments. Players looking for the ultimate in playability, comfort and power will love this award winning string. Color, natural.

  • Live Wire XP 16: Featuring Gamma's time-tested Live Wire Technology, this one offers impressive comfort and feel to players who want controllable power. Color, natural.

  • Synthetic Gut w/wearguard 16: One of the game's best synthetic guts. This string offers plenty of comfort and great all around playability. Also delivers above average durability for the breed. Color, white.

  • Hybrid: RZR Rx 16/Live Wire 17: This hybrid combines one of Gamma's most comfortable and spin-friendly polys, RZR Rx, with the legendary feel and responsiveness of its Live Wire string. This combo offers a phenomenal blend of comfort, control, spin and durability. A great option for players who want a nice balance of features. This is also perfect for the player who wants the control benefits of polyester without the high impact shock. Colors, black and natural.
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