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YTex Quadro Twist 16L 660' String Reel Black Price: $169.50

Ytex Quadro Twist has MASSIVE spin potential. Thanks to a soft polyeolefin additive, this one comes with above average comfort for a poly-based string. With its twisted square profile, Quadro Twist puts a tight grip on the felt and allows the player to impart some serious RPMs. Those who want great control without excessive shock on off center hits should like this one. A great option for the poly player who places a premium on spin.

  • Gauge: 16L/1.26mm
  • Length: 660 feet / 200 m
  • Composition: Co-polyester with polyeolefin additive
  • Color: Black

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YTex Quadro Twist 16L 660' String Reel Black
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