Ashaway Crossfire ZX 17 String

Price: $11.00
In Stock: 20+
Crossfire ZX combines Ashaway's legendary Kevlar (once used by Andre Agassi) with a soft and slick Monogut ZX Pro. By combining a stiff and ultra spin friendly Kevlar main string with a lively and comfortable Zyex cross string, Ashaway delivers a phenomenal option to topspin players. This one offers truly massive spin potential. The low stiffness of the Monogut ZX Pro does a great job tempering the native firmness of the Kevlar main.
  • Gauge of Kevlar: 1.25mm
  • Length of Kevlar: 23 feet
  • Color of Kevlar: Tan
  • Gauge of MonoGut ZX Pro: 1.22mm
  • Length of MonoGut ZX Pro: 20 feet
  • Composition of MonoGut ZX Pro: 100% Zyex

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