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Ashaway Crossfire II 16 Kevlar String Price: $11.00

The 16 gauge Kevlar main strings are used for superior durability and resistance to notching. The 16 gauge synthetic gut cross strings are used to insure adequate flexibilty and ball control by complementing the stiff, powerful 16 gauge Kevlar mains. This hybrid string combination is recommended for power players with heavy topspin or chronic string breakage problems. Many advanced players have found this hybrid combination to be the string that will stand up to their power game. Rated as the number one string for durability by the stringers' survey for many years.
  • Gauge: 16 gauge (1.30 mm) Kevlar mains, 16 gauge (1.30mm) Synthetic Gut crosses.
  • Length: Kevlar mains/23 feet; Synthetic Gut Crosses/20 feet
  • Composition: Main strings-100% braided Kevlar fibers bonded together with nylon.
  • Available colors: Natural

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Ashaway Crossfire II 16 Kevlar String
This product is also available in these variations
Ashaway Crossfire 17 Kevlar String - $11.00
Customer Feedback
Thinner kevlar mains improve spin potential without sacrificing much durability. Features Ashaway's braided outer jacket for extra bite and synthetic gut crosses.
Available -     Order
Ashaway Crossfire 18 Kevlar String - $11.00
Customer Feedback
Ultra-thin kevlar hybrid for players seeking a firm, durable string that provides optimum spin potential.
Available -     Order
Ashaway Kevlar 16 360' String Reel - $100.00
Customer Feedback
Recommended to big hitters and chronic string breakers who need maximum durability. Also a great option for those who like to rip heavy topspin without have to worry about the ball trampolining past target. This braided Kevlar has impressive playability for such a firm string.
Available -     Order
Ashaway Kevlar 16 720' String Reel - $175.00
Customer Feedback
String breakers will find incredible durability with this very firm braided Kevlar. Offers phenomenal spin and maximum control on full swings. Best suited to advanced players who like to rip the cover off the ball.
Available -     Order
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