Weiss CANNON Mosquito Bite 18 (1.16) String Reel Black

Price: $99.90
In Stock: 02/25
Only offered in 18g/1.16mm, Weiss Cannon touts Mosquito Bite as the world's thinnest high-end poly based string. Much like its name, Mosquito Bite, seems harmless and unassuming until it gets under the skin. From there it can cause all sorts of problems for your opponent. Offering power, spin, and control, your opponent will be begging for repellent! This performance oriented high-end polymer string provides a lively feel while maintaining its tension.
  • Gauge: 18g / 1.16mm
  • Length: 660 feet / 200m
  • Construction: Polyester
  • Colors: Red, White, Blue, Black

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