Weiss CANNON Dual Reality Hybrid String

Price: $12.50
In Stock: 5 Days

Weiss CANNON Dual Reality is a very comfortable hybrid with above average power, touch and feel. The thin co-poly mains give this hybrid some serious spin potential, while the soft synthetic gut crosses add comfort and pop. Taken together this combo offers truly exceptional playability with controllable power. Our playtesters were very impressed with the responsiveness of this one.

  • Gauge: Mains: 17L/1.18mm. Crosses: 16/1.32mm
  • Length: Mains: 20 feet (6.4m). Crosses: 17.7 feet (5.4m)
  • Construction: Mains: Co-polyester. Crosses: Synthetic Gut.
  • Color: Mains: Black. Crosses: Silver.

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