Wilson Champions Choice Hybrid 16 String

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It's all in the name. Wilson Champions Choice is a hybrid of two of the most popular strings on tour: Wilson Natural Gut and Luxilon ALU Power Rough. Combining the ultimate playability of a high quality natural gut with the durability, spin and control of a textured polyester gives the player the best of both worlds. For durability and control, use the Luxilon ALU Power Rough in the mains. For a softer feel and playability, use the Wilson Natural Gut in the mains.
  • Gauge: Natural Gut 16 / 1.32mm
    ALU Power Rough 16L / 1.25mm
  • Length: Both strings measure 20 feet (6.1 m)
  • Construction: Natural gut
    ALU Power Rough: Co-polymer (nylon) + Fluocarbon resin + aluminum fibers
  • Color: Natural / Grey

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Luxilon ALU Power 16L String
Price: $17.95
One of most popular strings on the ATP Tour, it offers good power, durability and control. A recommended choice for big hitters. Now available in silver or ice blue.
Color: Available: Order:
Blue 20+
Silver 20+

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