Volkl Power Fiber II 18 String

Price: $12.99
In Stock: 5+

With its updated material mix, Power Fiber II offers improved feel and durability over the original Power Fibre string. The multifilament construction of this string makes for a comfortable response with an emphasis on playability. We found good ball pocketing from Power Fibre II resulting in plenty of feel and control.

  • Gauge: 18 / 1.18mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12m
  • Construction: Multifilament synthetic
  • Color: Natural

This product is also available in these variations

Volkl Power Fiber II 16 String
Price: $12.99
A premium multifilament string offering a gut like feel. In 16g form Power Fiber offers greater durability than the 17g version.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 3
Natural 5+
Silver Yes
Volkl Power Fiber II 17 String
Price: $12.99
A premium multifilament string offering a gut like feel. In 17g form, Power Fiber offers increased playability but less durability than the 16g version.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 5+
Natural 5+
Silver Yes

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