Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube Ball Machine w/ Oscillation

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The Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube with oscillator offers ease of operation and functionality in a small portable package. Perfect for beginning to intermediate player, the Cube allows for easy adjustment to both ball speed and elevation. The oscillating function promotes good footwork by sweeping the balls to the wings of the court during practice. Equipped with a smart battery charger, the Cube can be plugged in continuously without overcharging to maintain battery longevity. The Tennis Cube is backed by a three-year manufacturers warranty covering both parts and labor.
  • Ball Capacity- 70 Balls
  • Trajectories- Ground Stroke to Lob
  • Ball Ejection Speed - 10-50 Miles per hour
  • Ball Feed rate 2-10 second variable interval
  • Playing Time 1.5-2 hours per charge
  • Dimensions (closed) 15" H X 12"L X 13"W
  • Weight 24 Pounds

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