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Raising a young tennis player is about more than just teaching them the right strokes. In "Raising Big Smiling Tennis kids" Keith Kattan covers all of the behind-the-scenes factors involved in raising a young and happy tennis player. While most instructional tennis books concentrate on technique or mental toughness, "Big Smiling" is a guide for parents to use to find out what's really involved as a child progresses through their tennis life. Everything from introducing the child to the game, to turning pro is covered in this 213 page hardback book.
  • Topics covered include:
  • The best age to get your child started in tennis
  • Good ways to motivate young tennis players
  • How to save on lessons, find scholarships and sponsors
  • How to pursue a professional career in tennis
  • The inside scoop of tennis organizations and agents
  • Camps and resorts
  • And much more

    Everything for the Junior Player

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