Tennis Anatomy Book

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Understand tennis better than you ever have before the Tennis Anatomy Book. Focusing on the exercises and tecniques you need to improve your strength, speed and agility, this book will provide an education like no other. Learn how to modify exercises to target specific areas, improve your skills, and minimize injury. Every tennis player has specific needs and Tennis Anatomy allows you to understand and implement training on both an informative and practical level.

"In Tennis Anatomy, the authors do a terrific job of explaining how to use a balanced strength and conditioning program. The information is practical for all levels and an invaluable tool for better performance on court." - Paul Annacone (Current coach of Roger Federer and Former Coach of Pete Sampras)

"Tennis Anatomy is an essential resource for both players and coaches. Roetert and Kovacs provide expert instruction and a one-of-a-kind look inside the game." John Isner (United States Davis Cup Player)

- 72 effective exercises with step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting muscles in action.
- Exercises for both baseline and net
- Illustrations of active muscles for forehands, backhands volleys, overheads and serves, showing how each exercise you do is fundamentally linked to your tennis performance

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