Heat Shrink Sleeve (build one grip size)

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This Heat Shrink Sleeve will increase the grip by 1/8 inch (i.e., one grip size for tennis, 1/2 grip size for racquetball). These sleeves are easy to use and retain the handle's bevels. You will need a heat gun or very hot hair dryer and a few tools for this procedure.

    Tools Needed for Installation (not included):
  • Needle-nose pliers and/or a narrow screwdriver - to remove staple that secures the wrap grip onto the handle (if applicable)
  • Razor Knife - to trim heat-shrink sleeve
    Installation Steps:
  1. Remove grip and staple, being careful not to tear the grip if reusing. Clean any tape debris from the handle.
  2. Slide the heat shrink sleeve over the butt cap and up the handle, overlapping the handle end by about 3/8 inch.
  3. Hold the sleeve firmly in place at top and begin heating from the bottom, keeping the heat gun 3-4 inches away. Rotate the racquet while slowly moving the heat gun up the handle. Don't keep the heat gun aimed at one spot too long or get too close to the heat-shrink sleeve or you will melt the sleeve. Continue heating until the sleeve has shrunken completely around the handle. Allow to cool before trimming the excess at bottom.
  4. To trim the overlapped sleeve, place the racquet on a stable surface. Gently apply pressure to the razor knife within 1/8 inch of the butt end. Turn the racquet as you hold the razor knife steady until the sleeve is completely trimmed.

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