Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17 (1.25) String Yellow

Price: $12.00
In Stock: 18
Creating distinctive peaks to help grip the ball on impact, Kirschbaum has patented a technique for optimum spin production. This octagonal profile string makes creating both topspin and slice easy. Spiky Shark, being a soft polyester, also offers nice ball pocketing and excellent control. This comfortable string is also easy to string in comparison to other polyesters.
  • Length: 39 feet / 12 m
  • Guage: 17 / 1.25 mm
  • Color: Yellow

This product is also available in these variations

Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 (1.30) String Yellow
Price: $12.00
With a patented design and an octagonal profile, Spiky Shark offers tremendous bite on the ball, creating excellent spin and control.
Available: 10+
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16 660 String Reel Yellow
Price: $149.00
Extreme ball grip with a patented technique. A soft feel along with good ball pocketing add nice control.
Available: 2+
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17 660 String Reel Yellow
Price: $149.00
Using an octagonal profile in Spiky Shark, access to spin is easy to generate. This soft polyester makes stringing easy. Offered in a reel, ideal for home stringing efficiency.
Available: 2+

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