Gosen Polylon 17 660' Reel Black

Price: $41.95
In Stock: 2+
Gosen's new generation of high durability string with low elongation. Features good tension maintenance, a crisp feel, and surprising comfort. Good value for this polyester monofilament string reel.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.24mm)
  • Length: 660 feet (200 meters)
  • Composition: Monofilament
  • Available colors: Black, Clear, Natural, Yellow

This product is also available in these variations

Gosen Polylon 16 660' String Reel
Price: $41.95
String breakers in search of durability and control will appreciate the high playability of this very economical polyester reel.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 2+
Clear 2+
Natural 2+
Yellow 2+
Gosen Polylon 17 String
Price: $4.99
The ultimate value for a comfortable and very playable polyester monofilament.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 20+
Clear 7
Natural 15
Yellow 17