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Prince's O Port technology makes for another comfortable stick in the O3 White. This one offers a maneuverable and spin friendly feel that will favor aggressive all court players. We found racquet head speed easy to generate making this racquet a joy when hitting topspin angles or when taking a rip at short balls. There is ample power for big serves and deep hitting from the backcourt, yet enough feel and control for solid placement on touch and finesse shots. At net the O3 White feels solid and comfortable. The maneuverable feel makes this one a good racquet for fast exchanges and the generous sweetspot helps keep just reached volleys deep. All in all, the O3 White is another solid offering from Prince. Fitting nicely between the O3 Red and the O3 Tour Midplus, the O3 White favors the player looking for some extra pop and mobility without sacrificing control and placement. All court and doubles players at the 3.5-5.5 level should definitely take this one for a demo.

Head Size:
100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm.
Length: 27 inches / 69 cm
Strung Weight: 11.3oz / 320g
Balance: 4pts Head Light
Swingweight: 322
Stiffness: 65
Beam Width: 23-25-22 Tapered Beam
Composition: GraphitExtreme / Copper / Titanium / Tungsten
Power Level: Low-Medium
Swing Speed: Moderate-Fast
Grip Type: Cushion Fit
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T.9T.7H.9H
One Piece
No shared holes
String Tension: 53-63 pounds