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ProKennex IQ Poly XT 16 String Reel Was $120.00
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This durable performance string is a solid choice for hard hitting players. Offers all the control fans of polyester strings love, but with a softer feel thanks to its co-polyester construction. Players should expect better tension maintenance compared to traditional poly strings and adjust tension accordingly.
  • Gauge: 16
  • Length: 660 feet.
  • Construction: High elasticity co-polymer with an advanced resin coating for extended durability.
  • Color: White

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ProKennex IQ Poly XT 16 String Reel
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ProKennex IQ Poly XT 17 String Reel - $69.95

A soft and lively durability string. Offers surprising pop for a monofilament. A good choice for players looking for some added power with the spin and control of a co-poly string.
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A durable polyester monofilament that's a good choice for big hitters seeking lots of control and spin. Offers a softer feel than traditional poly strings.
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Kirschbaum P2 16 (1.30) String Reel - $119.00
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The most durable of the P2 strings (due to thicker gauge). P2 is a soft co-poly monofilament string. Offers some nice ball pocketing, good pop, excellent spin potential and is very durable.
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KLIP K-Boom 16 String Reel - $149.99
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Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16L (1.28) 660 Reel - $98.90
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Durable, spin friendly and with more comfort than traditional polyester offerings, Poly Plasma is a solid choice for the modern, aggressive player. This is the most durable of the Poly Plasma strings.
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