Pacific PolyGut Hybrid 16L String

Price: $30.95
In Stock: 5
Combining Pacific Tough Gut with Pacific Poly Force gives you the best of both worlds. The Tough Gut provides liveliness and feel while the Poly Force will add control and durability.
Note: For more enhanced liveliness and feel, use the Tough Gut for the mains, or for more control and durability, use the Poly Force in the mains.
  • Gauge: 16L (1.29mm)
  • Composition: Natural Gut/Polyester hybrid
  • Available Colors: Natural

This product is also available in these variations

Pacific PolyGut Hybrid 17 String
Price: $30.95
Combining features of the of Natural Gut for liveliness and feel and the Polyester String for control and durability you get the best of both worlds. Using the thinner 17 gauge will give more power and feel.
Available: 1

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