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Combining Klip's legendary natural gut with a polyester composite, K-Boom, X-Plosive offers durability AND performance. Klip X-plosive can be strung with either string as a main or cross string allowing for the playability of gut, or the durability of a polyester based string to be your focus.
  • Gauge: 16 (1.30 mm)
  • Length: 20 feet x2
  • Composition: Natural Gut and polyester/co-polymer
  • Color: Natural / Silver

This product is also available in these variations

KLIP K-Boom 16 String
Price: $8.99
With a softer and more forgiving feel than traditional polyester strings, K-Boom features a co-polymer/polyester mix. A great choice for string breakers looking for something more arm friendly than traditional durability strings.
Available: 09/11 Notify Me
KLIP X-Plosive 17 Gut/Poly Hybrid String
Price: $19.99
This versatile 17 gauge hybrid offers players choices - ultimate playability (natural gut mains), without sacrificing durability or impressive durability (poly mains) without sacrificing feel.
Available: 09/11 Notify Me

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