James Jensen - Ultimate Serve DVD

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In this valuable lesson USPTA Tennis Pro James Jensen teaches you all the techniques needed for developing a killer flat, slice and kick serve. When performed properly the serve can become your biggest point winning weapon in a match. Many players have weak and inconsistent serves because they lack correct body mechanics for striking the ball properly, putting the player at a great disadvantage right at the start of a point. In this DVD, Pro James Jensen will instantly improve your serving power, speed and accuracy by teaching you all the techniques needed to execute a winning serve regardless of your level. The flat serve is heavy and flat, the slice has tremendous side spin to run away from your opponent or into their body, the kick serve hits and twists causing a difficult return. The techniques taught to master these killer serves include proper serve grips, correct height and placement of ball toss, the 4 stages of the serves: 1. Preparation 2. Loading 3. Exploding or uncoiling 4. follow through, how to use your legs and upper body to get optimum power and accuracy, the three target zones, how to develop consistent accuracy, reading your opponent and what target to aim for during a match, ways to follow your serve in to set up volleys, how to perform your second serve as a winner, serve strategy during singles and doubles play, training drills for developing the ultimate serve and much, much more! Apply the techniques in this important DVD and make your serve an unstoppable weapon in club and tournament play.
  • Running time: Approx. 100 minutes.
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