ISOSPEED Control Classic 16 String

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Iso-Speed Control 16 gauge is composed of a blend of polyolefins; narrow pre-stretched ribbons are twisted under tension and heat, then welded together. Through a unique patented system, each set of string is factory pre-stretched and locked under tension on an industry exclusive 40ft. reel This is the same material used in the base of snow ski construction. Players with sensitive tendons will appreciate the muted feel.
  • Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)
  • Length: 40 feet. The mini-reel form will benefit stringers because of minimul coil memory.
  • Benefits: Ribbons of polyolefin are wrapped together, providing similar benefits of multifilament nylon strings. The result is good dampening and a slightly muted feel. This is a less lively string than multifilaments such as Wilson NXT or Tecnifibre NRG2, but maintains good durability.
  • Note: Iso-Speed string is pre-stretched. However, due to the string's unique properties, the manufacturer recommends that stringers increase tension by 10% and wax the mains before installing cross strings.
  • Available colors: Natural only

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ISOSPEED Control 16 String
Price: $10.99
Buy 5 or more for $9.99 each. Buy 10 or more for $8.99 each.
A soft multifilament string with good dampening and a slightly muted feel. A great choice for players seeking power and comfort.
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