ISOSPEED Control 16 String

Price: $10.99
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ISOSPEED Control is designed to mirror the playing characteristics of natural gut. ISOSPEED Power Ribbons are used for both the core and for the surface coating. The surface coating is heat-sealed for increased durability and is designed to allow the Power Ribbons to move freely within the core. A pre-stretched multifilament layer minimizes the loss of tension. The result is a soft, gut-like feel, excellent power and optimal arm protection.
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.30 mm
  • Construction: Power Ribbons are wound several layers thick so that they overlap and are diametrically opposed, thereby simulating the structure of a natural gut string. Pre-stretched multifilaments minimize the loss of tension.
  • Color: Natural

This product is also available in these variations

ISOSPEED Control 16 String Reel Natural
Price: $129.99
Buy 5 or more for $119.99 each. Buy 10 or more for $115.99 each.
This pre-stretched polypropylen string is designed to give the feel and playability of natural gut. Offers nice comfort and power.
Available: 2+
ISOSPEED Professional 17 String
Price: $10.99
Buy 5 or more for $9.99 each. Buy 10 or more for $8.99 each.
Using a heat-seal to increase durability and a pre-stretched multifilament layer for minimization of tension loss, Professional offers a gut-like feel.
Available: 02/26 Notify Me
ISOSPEED Professional 17 String Reel Natural
Sale: $129.99
Iso-Speed Professional 17 retains all the characteristics of Iso-Speed Control 16g. but offers an option to players seeking additional "pop"and/or spin enhancement.
Available: 02/26 Notify Me

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