Head FXP Blend 17 String

Sale: $9.95
In Stock: 20+
This hybrid includes a half set of both the Head Aramid Kevlar and FXP Power. The kevlar is a stiff, control-oriented offering with premium durability, and the FXP Power compliments it nicely with a good blend of power and feel. If a full bed of polyester or kevlar is too hard on your arm, or a full bed of multifilament breaks too often for you, then this hybrid from Head is worth a try!
  • Gauge: 17 gauge (1.21 mm / 1.24mm)
  • Length: Kevlar-22'(6.5m) / FXP Power-18'(5.5m)
  • Composition: Hybrid of Kevlar / Multifilament Polymide
  • Colors: White

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