Gamma RZR Rx/Live Wire Hybrid String

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A very comfortable hybrid! Packed with equal parts playability and control, this arm-firendly hybrid combines RZR Rx 17 mains with Live Wire 16 crosses. The RZR Rx mains offer crisp precision and impressive spin. They also offer decent shock-absorption for a monofilament control string. The Live Wire crosses provide world class playability and comfort. All in all, this is a great option for players who want a great mix of control, spin and comfort.

  • Gauge: RZE Rx 17 (1.15mm-1.40mm)/ Live Wire 16 (1.32mm)
  • Length: RZE Rx 17 20 feet/ Live Wire 16 20 feet
  • Construction Mains: Co-polymer Monofilament
  • Construction Crosses: Bundled Live Wire Core, Twisted Live Wire Wraps with Soft Pearl Coating
  • Color: Mains = Black, Crosses = Natural

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