Gripmaster Hand & Finger Exerciser

Price: $14.95 MSRP: $19.95
Gripmaster Hand & Finger Exerciser Medium (Red)
In Stock: 2+
  • Body Care Sizes: Medium
Gripmaster Hand & Finger Exerciser Light (Blue)
In Stock: 2+
  • Body Care Sizes: Light
Gripmaster PRO Hand & Finger Exerciser X-Heavy (Grey)
In Stock: 2+
  • Body Care Sizes: Heavy

Improve your grip, wrist and forearm strength with Gripmaster. The complete exercise program will help you develop the strength and stamina required for better racquet control. Stronger wrists and forearms can also help players avoid injuries and tendon problems such as tennis elbow. Used by many athletes including tennis players, climbers and weight lifters. Can be carried in your pocket for a quick workout during spare time. Choose from light tension blue - recommended for average hands, or medium tension red - for stronger than average hands.

  • Gripmaster Blue: 5lbs per finger for average strength hands
  • Gripmaster Red: 7lbs per finger for above average hand strength
  • Gripmaster Grey: 11lbs per finger for excellent hand strength

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