Forten 15 Nylon 660 Reel Natural

Price: $16.95
In Stock: 2+
The economical choice in a 660' reel. Features an anti-abrasive coating that results in a durable 15 gauge nylon string.
  • Gauge: 15L (1.40mm)
  • Length: 660 feet (200m)
  • Construction: Polyamide filaments twisted around a center core
  • Color: Black, Natural, Purple, White, Yellow

This product is also available in these variations

Forten Nylon 16 660' String Reels
Price: $16.95
Best Seller
The economical choice in a 660' reel.
Color: Available: Order:
Black 2+
Natural 2+
White 1
Yellow 2+

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