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The International Tennis Federation and World Sports Video are pleased to announce the release of the new Video & DVD series "The Davis Cup Story".

Narrated by John Barrett, this 6 DVD collection covers the full international story of the Davis Cup. The largest series of its kind ever produced on the game of tennis with newly released footage never seen before.

The archives of the BBC, Movietone, International Tennis Hall of Fame, The Longwood Cricket Club and many private collections were extensively used to create this unique series made by World Sports Video in conjunction with the International Tennis Federation.

The number 1 players of their time are seen in action and in interviews sharing their passion and emotions. Over the years nothing has inspired the world's greatest champions more completely than representing their countries in this spectacular team competition.

The programs feature most Davis Cup champions over the years including Davis, Ward, Brooks, Wilding, Tilden, Lacoste, Cochet, Borotra, Austin, Crawford, Quist, Vines, Budge, Perry, Kramer, Sedgman, McGregor, Trabert, Seixas, Hoad, Rosewall, Emerson, Pietrangeli, Fraser, Laver, Newcombe, Roche, Alexander, Ashe, Smith, Nastase, Borg, McEnroe, Vilas, Cash, Fitzgerald, Becker, Edberg, Noah, Forget, Agassi, Sampras, Martin, Rafter, Hewitt, Philippoussis, Federer, Kafelnikov, Roddick, Kuerten etc.

This series is more than just an historic record; it is an entertaining in depth look at the Davis Cup from all angles. Each episode plays its own part in telling the full story with players, captains, referees and journalists inter woven throughout the series giving insight into the true meaning of the Davis Cup.

  • 6 DVD Set
  • Older footage shown in black and white / Newer footage shown in color