Topspin Cyber Blue 16 (1.30) String Reel

Price: $79.90
In Stock: 2+
Offers the same great control and durability as Topspin Cyber Flash string but with a softer and more dampened feel. Topspin Cyber Blue (formerly called Cyber Power) offers improved tension maintenance and added comfort over many competing co-polyester strings. This 16-gauge version offers improved durability over the 17-gauge version. Get this string in the economical 660' reel.
  • Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)
  • Length: 700 feet
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Color: Ice Blue

This product is also available in these variations

Topspin Cyber Blue 17 (1.25) String Reel
Price: $79.90
Similar to that of the Topspin Cyber Flash string but with added comfort, get this string in a economical and hybrid-friendly reel.
Available: 3/3 Notify Me

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