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For such a light racquet, this racquet impresses with a solid and comfortable feel. Players looking to maximize racquet head speed will love the maneuverability this racquet offers. The easy to swing feeling results in a spin-friendly feel that is ideal for slice and dice players as well as those who like to rip topspin. Smaller framed adults and juniors making the transition into an adult racquet will also benefit from the easy swinging nature of this racquet. At net, the AeroPro Drive Team GT feels lightning fast. The feel is crisp and clean with plenty of comfort coming from the generous sweetspot. Those difficult transition shots become a tad easier with this one thanks to the maneuverable feel and spin-friendly response. On serve players will find it easy to generate the racquet head speed needed for both pace and spin. Stronger players will also find plenty of room for weight/balance customization thanks to the light strung weight. Well worth a demo for 3.5 players seeking a blend of power and control with excellent maneuverability. Note: Due to racquet stiffness, when stringing with a polyester or a co-polyester we highly suggest 54lbs as a starting point for tension.

Racquet does not come with a cover.

Midplus Specs
Head Size:
100 sq. in. / 645.16 sq. cm.
Length: 27 inches / 68.58 cm
Strung Weight: 10.6oz / 300.5g
Balance: 0 pts EB
Swingweight: 315
Stiffness: 69
Beam Width: 24mm/26.5mm/24mm/
Composition: Graphite / Tungsten
Power Level: Medium
Swing Speed: Medium-Fast
Grip Type: Syntec
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 8H 8T
Two Pieces
No Shared Holes
String Tension: 55-65 pounds


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