Alpha Gut 2000 18 String

Price: $5.90
In Stock: 20+

A multifilament pseudo-core consisting of high tensile strength and low elongation ATXL fibers. The core is first treated with a special resin, then spiral wrapped with monofilaments and finally coated with a pearlized, abrasion resistant resin.

Advantage: The special resin treated multifilament pseudo-core provides a true gut-like feel and the monofilament wrapping enhances the durability and playability. The pearlized coating adds extra durability. Alpha Gut 2000 is a high performance string with excellent elasticity, resilience and durability. This high-tech multifilament pseudo-core provides the best cushion to minimize breakage, elbow problems and to enhance control and power of a racquet. Excellent choice for stiff racquets such as wide bodies.

  • Gauge: 18
  • Length: 38 feet (11.6m)
  • Available colors: White only
  • This product is also available in these variations

    Alpha Gut 2000 16 String
    Price: $5.90
    Great value in a multifilament string. Winner of the USRSA's 1994 String Survey for #1 playability synthetic.
    Available: 15
    Alpha Gut 2000 17 String
    Price: $5.90
    Alpha's flagship multifilament string. Thinner gauge allows more feel and spin. Rated #1 in playability (synthetic strings) in 1994 USRSA String Survey.
    Available: 20+

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