Alpha Gut 2000 17 String Natural

Price: $5.90
In Stock: 20+

This is one of the best multifilament values on the market. Alpha Gut 2000 offers the comfort and power of a premium multi for less than half the price. We found this string to offer above average control and durability for the breed along with impressive tension maintenance. Ideal for the player who values comfort above all else. Perfect for the player with short or compact strokes. Also great for adding comfort to a hybrid or stiff racquet.

Gauge: 17g / 1.25mm
Length: 40ft / 12.2m
Composition/Construction: A multifilament core consisting of high tensile strength and low elongation ATXL fibers. The core is first treated with a special resin, then spiral wrapped with monofilaments and finally coated with a pearlized, abrasion resistant resin.
Available colors: White only

This product is also available in these variations

Alpha Gut 2000 16 String Natural
Price: $5.90
This black version of Alpha Gut 2000 is loaded with comfort and controllable power. Plays slightly firmer than the white version for a tad more control. Great as a full set or hybrid.
Available: 20+

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