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Babolat Drive Lite

Light and fast, this one is ideal for beginners who want easy access to spin along with controllable power. This version of the Drive Lite comes dressed in a white and blue cosmetic. Headsize: 100 in². Strung Weight: 9.6oz. Standard Length


Babolat Drive Max 105

This ultra-maneuverable racquet gives beginners and intermediates the tools to crank-up the pace and spin. It's also very comfortable, with impressive stability for its light weight. Headsize: 105 in². Strung Weight: 9.7 oz. Standard Length

$129.00, Feedback

Babolat Drive Max 110

Three words: power, comfort, maneuverability. The Drive Max 110 provides the speed and added reach for whipping up some serious power (and spin). A great choice for singles or doubles players looking for a light and lively response. Length: 27.5 in. Headsize: 110 in². Strung Weight: 9.7 oz.

$129.00, Feedback

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