Wilson Triad Technology with Iso.Zorb

Triad Technology with Iso.Zorb
According to Wilson, the traditional one-piece racquet design may minimize critical playing characteristics (power, comfort, control) when attempting to maximize another.

But what if the hoop and the handle never touched? Not only could you maximize power in the hoop and control in the handle, you could isolate shock and prevent it from reaching the arm. For the first time ever, you could design a racquet that didn't compromise.

Introducing TRIAD, a revolutionary tri-component design that (according to Wilson) maximizes power, control, and comfort without compromising one for the other.

The hoop and the handle of a TRIAD racquet are designed as customized components. They never touch. Wilson buffers them with Iso-Zorb™, an exclusive Wilson polymer similar to the material used in skyscraper foundations to absorb the shock of an earthquake. Wilson believes this design breakthrough delivers a level of performance impossible in an ordinary one-piece racquet.