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Wilson introduces a whole new line of racquets for 2014!

Wilson Juice 100

New Powerful and spin friendly, this one suits today's modern power player. Intermediate to advanced players can swing this one fast to hit big from all areas of the court. Strung weight: 11.3 oz. Swingweight: 318 RDC. Standard length.

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Juice 100S

New The Juice 100S is a dangerous weapon in the hands of any player who likes hitting powerful, spin loaded balls. Depth comes easy with this one. String Pattern: 16x15. Headsize: 100 Strung Weight: 11.2oz.

$179.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Juice 100L

New A very effective combination of pace and spin in a maneuverable package. Offers decent stability for the weight. Headsize: 100 Strung Weight: 10.5 ounces. Standard Length.

$189.00, Feedback

Wilson Juice 100UL

New At under 10 ounces, this is the lightest Juice available. Beginners and intermediates looking for easy access to pace and spin should give this one a serious look. Crisp and precise. Headsize: String Pattern:16x18. Standard Length


Wilson Juice 108

New Wilson updates the Juice 108 with Paralleling Drilling for a slightly larger sweetspot. This one is loaded with power. A great option for 3.0+ players looking for easy depth and tons of spin. Length: 27.25". Headsize:, String Pattern: 16x19


Wilson Pro Staff 90

New A true classic with world class plow-through, precision and feel. One of the best player's sticks available. Strung Weight: 12.5 oz. Balance: 8pts HL. Swingweight: 325 (RDC).

$209.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 95

New Control meets maneuverability. This light player's racquet has that classic Pro Staff feel with easy access to spin and excellent touch at net. Great all court frame. Strung weight: 11.6 ounces. Swingweight: 308 (RDC). String Pattern: 16x19.

$209.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 95S

New Spin, precision, and speed. This maneuverable spin machine can drop the ball on a dime. Incredible feel with a nice plush response. String Pattern: 16x15. Strung Weight: 11.6. Standard Length.

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 100L

New This one whips through the air with tremendous speed while still managing to offer the precision and feel for which Pro Staffs are known. Offers a very predictable response with great spin potential. String Pattern: 16x18. Strung Weight: 10.6 oz. Length: 27.25".

$209.00, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 100LS

New An extremely maneuverable racquet with phenomenal spin potential and exceptional control. Great for the burgeoning topspin player. Offers a crisp and comfortable response. String Pattern: 16x15. Strung Weight: 10.6oz. Length: 27.25".

$199.00, Feedback

Wilson Six.One 95 (16x18)

New Precision, plow through and feel combine to make this classic a great option for advanced players. Featuring an ultra head light balance, this one accelerates rapidly and provides great all court performance: String Pattern:16x18. Headsize: 95 Balance: 10pts HL.

$159.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Six.One 95 (18x20)

New Offering major plow through, this one comes with a tight 18x20 string pattern and maximum control. Fans of the previous version should appreciate the slightly larger sweetspot. Headsize: 95 String Pattern: 18x20. Strung weight: 12.3 ounces.

$159.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Six.One 95S

New Wilson adds some serious bite to the Six.One line! With its open 18x16 string pattern, this one combines big spin with a fast feel and impressive stability for its very manageable weight. String Pattern:18x16. Headsize: 95 Standard Length.

$149.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Six.One 95L

New Offering the same precision and feel of the heavier Six.One 95 but in a faster more maneuverable package. Headsize: 95 Standard Length. Strung Weight: 10.7 oz.

$149.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Steam 99LS

New Maneuverability meets spin - HUGE spin. This is a great option for the burgeoning topspin player or anyone who wants a lighter (and easier) road to spin. Comfortable with decent power. String Pattern: 16x15. Strung Weight: 10.2. Standard Length.

$179.00, Feedback

Wilson Five 103

New Wilson updates this extremely comfortable racquet. Great for the stronger beginner through intermediate player, this one offers a nice blend of power, control and spin coupled with a forgiving response. Headsize: Length: 27.25in. Strung weight: 9.9oz.


Wilson Envy 100 L

New Lightning fast, the Envy 100L gives beginners and intermediates easy access to pace and spin. The comfortable and precise racquet is a great value. Strung Weight: 10oz. String Pattern: 16x20. Standard Length.


Wilson Envy 110 UL

New This extended length racquet is packed with power and comfort. Great for beginners and intermediates looking for a user- friendly stick and a forgiving response. Length: 27.5". Strung Weight: 9.2 oz. String Pattern:16x20.


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