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Yonex VCORE Si Team

New Light and very precise, this racquet is great for beginners and intermediates who want user-friendly performance from all areas of the court. Headsize: 98in². String Pattern: 16x20. Standard Length


Yonex VCORE Si 98

New This very maneuverable player's racquet offers a great balance of speed and stability. Aggressive ball strikers will have no problem cranking up the pace and spin. Crisp and comfortable. Headsize: 98 in². String Pattern: 16x20. Standard Length.

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Si 100

New Solid and maneuverable, this racquet rewards fast swings with a high degree of accuracy and predictability. A nice option for intermediate and advanced players who want a modern player's racquet that doesn't skimp on comfort or spin. Headsize: 100 in². String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.

$199.00, Review

Yonex VCORE Tour G 310

This one packs a great blend of maneuverability and stability. The response is comfortable, precise and very spin friendly. A great option for 4.0+ players. Headsize: 97 in². Strung Weight: 11.6 oz. Standard Length.

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Tour 97 (310g)

Precise, maneuverable and stable. A great option for intermediates and advanced players looking for exceptional spin, control and feel. Headsize: 97 in². Strung weight: 11.5 oz. Swingweight: 314 (RDC).

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Xi 100 Lite

Mobile and spin-friendly, this lighter version of the VCore Xi 100 is the perfect frame for intermediates looking for solid performance in a maneuverable package. Headsize: 100 in². Strung weight: 10.3 oz. Pattern: 16x19

$189.00, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Xi 100

Exceptional control and spin in a comfortable package. Also offers impressive stability for the weight. Headsize: 100 in². Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 11.1 oz.

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Xi 98

The V Core Xi 98 offers the same great spin, power and control of its predecessor, but with some added stability in the upper hoop for a more solid feel. Headsize: 98 in². Pattern: 16x20. Strung weight: 11.4 oz.

$189.00, Review, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Xi Team Plus

An extended length racquet that unlocks the swing speed needed for extra power and spin. The Isometric head shape provides plenty of comfort. Length: 27.5 inches. Strung weight: 10.5 ounces. String pattern: 16x20.

$99.00, Feedback

Yonex VCORE Xi Team

Offering spin and controllable power, this light 'tweener is a great option for intermediates who want a speedy racquet without the burden of bulk. Headsize: 98 in². Strung weight: 10.1 oz. Swingweight: 291 (RDC).

$99.00, Feedback


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