Head Traditional Player's Racquet

Head Graphene Prestige Pro Racquets
Head Graphene Prestige Pro
Price: $199.95
Buy 2 or more for $189.95 each.
Offering a crisp and controlled response, this one rewards clean mechanics with enough power and spin to hit a heavy ball. Headsize: 98 in². String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.
Head Graphene Prestige Midplus Racquets
Head Graphene Prestige Midplus
Price: $199.95
Buy 2 or more for $189.95 each.
Updated with Graphene, this version of the Prestige Midplus is crisp and precise. It continues to offer world class control to 4.5+ players. Headsize: 98 in² Strung Weight: 11.7oz. Balance: 6 pts HL.
Head Graphene Radical Pro Racquets
Head Graphene Radical Pro
Price: $189.95
Buy 2 or more for $179.95 each.
Best Seller Endorsed by Andy Murray! Precise, crisp and lively, this racquet packs impressive plow through and a rock solid feel. String Pattern:16x19. Strung Weight: 11.5 oz. Standard Length.