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Prince O3 Hybrid Pink OS

Best Seller (3/8) Only. Impressive comfort and power at a great price. This one is perfect for 3.5+ level players looking for easy depth and a very smooth ride. Headsize: String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length

$39.00, Review

Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

Sale (1/4), (3/8) Only. A lighter and faster update to the Rebel, this one rewards with easier access to spin and pace. The same control-oriented response shines through from all areas of the court. Strung weight: 12oz. Swingweight: 331.

$85.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Rebel 98

(3/8), (1/2) Only. The faster, more spin-friendly Rebel, this one is a great option for a big serving, heavy hitting baseline game. Ample control and feel from the flexible frame also makes this one shine at net. Strung weight: 11.2oz. Stiffness: 58 RA. Swingweight: 325 RDC.

$85.00, Review, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Red 105

Sale (3/8) Only. This latest EXO3 Red offers a new look and more enhanced feel. This versatile stick is ideal for a wide variety of player. Length: 27.25". Headsize: 105 inches squared. Strung Weight: 10.4 ounces.

$139.95, Feedback

Prince EXO3 Warrior 100

Sale A comfortable racquet with all the control and spin needed for today's modern, aggressive player. Best suited to intermediate through advanced level players. Headsize: Strung weight: 11oz. Balance: 4pts head light. Flex: 64 RA.

$79.99, Review, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet Oversize

Sale Offering more power, comfort and mobility than the Triple Threat Hornet this O3 Hybrid version brings a lot of performance to the court for 3.0-4.5 level players. Standard length frame with an open, 16/19 string pattern. TENNIS Magazine's Editor's Choice.

$59.99, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Oversize

Sale (5/8) Only. An Oversize racquet that offers a comfortable and slightly dampened feel thanks to the O Ports at 12 & 6 o'clock. Plenty of pop and access to spin for intermediate to advanced players. Extended length (27.5") with an 110 Square Inch Headsize.

$59.99, Feedback

Prince O3 Hybrid Spectrum OS

Sale (1/2) Only. The O3 Hybrid Spectrum racquets bring a lot of performance to the court for 3.0-5.0 level players. Both Midplus and Oversize feature standard length frames and open, 16/19 string patterns.

$59.99, Feedback

Prince O3 Original Red

Best Seller You'll find plenty of comfort, power and a lively feel from this maneuverable racquet. Offers a large and forgiving sweetspot and good access to spin.

$69.00, Review, Feedback

Prince O3 Original White

Best Seller A maneuverable racquet that also offers power, control and comfort. Well suited to an all court game. Features a 27" frame length, 100sq. in. headsize and a 16/19 string pattern.

$66.95, Review, Feedback

Prince Original Graphite Mid

Sale One of the best all-time traditional racquets. Even at 20yrs. old, it's a tough racquet to beat for feel and control. The 93 square inch headsize and open pattern provide feel, control and spin. Perfect for 5.0+ level players.

$99.00, Review, Feedback


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