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Babolat VS Natural ThermoGut 16 Touch String

Best Seller Superior performance natural gut with Thermogut Technology for enhanced durability. The benchmark for playability in 16 gauge natural gut strings. Our best selling natural gut string.

$46.95, Feedback

KLIP Legend Natural Gut 16 String

Very responsive string with the uniformly smooth feel of natural gut. 100% Australian.

$25.95, Feedback

Wilson NXT 16 String Natural

Best Seller One the best playing synthetic strings on the market. Multifilament construction that looks, feels, and plays very much like Natural Gut.

$18.95, Review, Feedback

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 18 String

An excellent choice for use in racquets with tight string patterns, hybrid applications and for players wanting to maximize the feel and playability of their stringbed.

$18.00, Review, Feedback

Babolat Tungsten Balance Tape


$9.95, Feedback


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