VLOG #489 Week of May 27 - June 2

Volkl Super G 3 Racquets
Volkl Super G 3
Price: $199.99
This extended length racquet offers an impressive combination of power, comfort and speed. Above average precision for the breed and lethal on the doubles court. Headsize: 110in². Length: 27.8". String Pattern: 16x19.
Wilson Ultra 108 Racquet
Wilson Ultra 108
Price: $199.00
Crisp, Lively and comfortable, this oversize racquet offers easy access to pace and spin. Headsize: 108inē. String Pattern: 16x19. Length- 27.25".
Babolat Pure Drive Plus Racquets
Babolat Pure Drive Plus
Price: $199.00
With its extended length, this racquet packs more power and spin than the standard length Pure Drive. A redesigned hitting zone gives this version of the Pure Drive Plus a nice boost in playability. Extended Length: 27.5". String Pattern: 16x19. Weight: 11.2oz.
Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (310g) Racquets
Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 (310g)
Price: $209.00
Lighter and faster than the Duel G 330, this racquet offers a great combination of spin, controllable power and feel. Impressive stability for its weight class and perfect for intermediate or advanced level play. Headsize; 97inē. Standard Length. String Pattern: 16x20. Swingweight: 315