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Babolat C-Drive 102

Sale (1/8) Only. Babolat's 'Side Cortex' technology provides incredible feel. Light and maneuverable with high levels of power and excellent stability. Players will find a good comfort with a stable response, offers great performance for the improving through developed player.

$69.99, Feedback

Babolat Drive Z Lite Pink

Sale The lightest racquet in the Drive Z line is updated with a very stylish pink flair. The Drive Z Lite Pink offers excellent maneuverability and comfort. Headsize: 100 Strung weight: 9.7 ounces. Standard Length

$89.00, Feedback

Babolat Drive Z Lite Yellow

Sale Decked out in with a yellow flair, the Drive Z Lite Yellow offers excellent maneuverability and comfort. Headsize: 100 Strung weight: 9.7 ounces. Standard Length

$89.00, Feedback

Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Lite

Sale Light, fast, maneuverable and correspondingly very spin-friendly, this one is well suited to 3.5 players with longer swings as well as 4.0+ level players looking for maneuverability. Headsize: 100sq in. Strung weight: 10.1oz. Swingweight: 298 (RDC).

$99.00, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $89.00 each.

Dunlop Biomimetic 400 Tour

Sale An easy racquet for hitting heavy, penetrating groundstrokes thanks to ample power and spin. Surprisingly fast and mobile feeling considering its weight and a must demo for 4.0+ level players. Strung weight: 11.6oz. Swingweight: 306 (RDC). Stiffness: 66 RA.

$99.00, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $89.00 each.

Dunlop Biomimetic 400

Sale Blending the control and feel of the 300 series with the power and spin-friendly response of the 500 series, this one impresses from all areas of the court. Both on the attack and on defense, this one feels dialed in, solid and comfortable. Headsize: 100sq in. Strung weight: 10.9oz.

$99.00, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $89.00 each.

Dunlop Hotmelt 300G Racquet

Sale (3/8), (1/2) Only. A classic returns! This versatile stick offers comfort, precision, spin and decent stability for its sub 11 ounce weight. Headsize: String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.

$69.95, Feedback

Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G Racquet

Sale This iconic player's racquet offers phenomenal precision and stability. Though quite fast for the breed, this one does not get pushed around! String Pattern: 18x20. Swingweight: 318 (RDC). Standard Length.

$69.95, Feedback

Head Liquidmetal 4

Best Seller Offers good power without sacrificing control, along with a comfortable, dampened feel. Best suited to 3.5 to 5.0 players. 102 square inch head, 27.25" length, 10.7 ounces. TENNIS Magazine Editor's Choice

$74.95, Review, Feedback

Head Liquidmetal 8

Best Seller New Low Price! One of the more powerful offerings from HEAD. Offers a surprising amount of control with a solid dose of comfort. Best suited to 2.0-4.0 level players. Strung weight: 10 ounces. Headsize: 112sq. in.

$84.95, Feedback

Head MicroGEL Radical Midplus

Best Seller A comfortable midplus that offers tons of feel and control. Offers a very flexible and plush feel ideal for the stronger player seeking control. Headsize: 98sq. inches. Standard length.

$89.95, Review, Feedback

Head MicroGEL Radical Oversize

Sale A very comfortable oversize player's racquet. Offers a generous sweetspot and plenty of pop, yet is also big on feel and control. Headsize: 107sq. inches. Standard length.

$89.95, Feedback

Head Titanium Ti.S5 Comfort Zone

Sale Twin brother to the original Titanium Ti S5 but with Comfort Zone Technology, (designed to increase sweetspot size). A racquet option with wide appeal. 107square inch head size. Extended length.

$69.95, Feedback

Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung

Best Seller A straight beam, head heavy widebody. The Titanium Ti S6 is an ultra-light (8.9oz.) offering with good torsional stability. 115 square inch head size. Extended length.

$79.95, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Prestige S

Sale Plenty of the precise, Prestige feel rounds out this forgiving racquet. A great fit for intermediate & advanced players. Strung weight: 11.4 oz. Flex: 63 RA. Swingweight: 315 RDC.

$69.00, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Speed Elite

Sale (1/4), (5/8) Only. This versatile racquet offers intermediate players a nice blend of power and easy access to spin. Headsize: 100 sq. in. 16x19 string pattern.

$95.95, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $85.95 each.

Head YOUTEK IG Speed Lite

Sale A control oriented racquet that's also light and maneuverable, this one is a great option for beginners through intermediates. Headsize: 102 Length: 27 inches.

$99.95, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $89.95 each.

Prince O3 Original Red

Best Seller You'll find plenty of comfort, power and a lively feel from this maneuverable racquet. Offers a large and forgiving sweetspot and good access to spin.

$69.00, Review, Feedback

Prince O3 Original White

Best Seller (1/4) Only. A maneuverable racquet that also offers power, control and comfort. Well suited to an all court game. Features a 27" frame length, 100sq. in. headsize and a 16/19 string pattern.

$66.95, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix 8 (300g)

Sale (1/8), (5/8) Only. The Organix 8 offers plenty of versatility and effectiveness from all areas of the court. Head size: 100 square inches. Standard Length. Strung Weight: 11.4 ounces.

$79.99, Feedback

Volkl Organix 8 (315g)

Sale (1/8) Only. A solid feeling racquet that offers the best of both power and control. Updated with Organix technology for more comfort. A solid choice for the intermediate to advanced player. Head size: 100 square inches. Standard Length.

$79.99, Review, Feedback

Volkl Organix 9

Sale Solid, fast, and comfortable, this one has great control on every shot. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players who want a high performance racquet right out of the box. Head Size: 98 sq. in. Strung weight: 11.4 oz.

$79.00, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $69.00 each.

Wilson Envy 100 L

Sale Lightning fast, the Envy 100L gives beginners and intermediates easy access to pace and spin. The comfortable and precise racquet is a great value. Strung Weight: 10oz. String Pattern: 16x20. Standard Length.


Wilson Envy 110 UL

Sale This extended length racquet is packed with power and comfort. Great for beginners and intermediates looking for a user- friendly stick and a forgiving response. Length: 27.5". Strung Weight: 9.2 oz. String Pattern:16x20.


Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch OS

Best Seller One of the most popular selling Hyper Carbon models and now available at a bargain price. Available in a 110 square inch Oversize head size. Length is 27.5 inches.

$79.00, Review, Feedback


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