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Pacific BX2 X Fast LT

New This one offers fast handling and impressive accuracy. Ideal for intermediates who want a very maneuverable weapon. Length: 27.25". Headsize: 100in². String Pattern: 16x19


Pacific BX2 Fast Pro 100

New Fast and solid, this light player's racquet offers a lively and precise response with easy access to spin. Length: 27.25". String Pattern: 16x19. Headsize: 100in²


Pacific BX2 X Feel Tour

This racquet offers the control and feel of a player's racquet but in a very maneuverable package. A great option for intermediate and advanced players looking for speed and precision. Headsize: 100 in². String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.


Pacific BX2 X Force 98

This light player's racquet has an impressive combination of control, spin potential and comfort. The fast feel enables explosive mechanics. Headsize: 98 in². Strung Weight 11 oz. Standard Length. String Pattern: 16x20.

$179.95, Feedback

Pacific BX2 X Force Pro

Offering a solid and plush feel at impact, this player's racquet offers a very controlled response. Delivers all the ingredients needed to hit a heavy ball. Quite mobile for the weight. Headsize: 98 in². Pattern: 16x20. Standard Length.

$179.95, Feedback

Pacific BX2 X Force Lite

An extremely maneuverable racquet loaded with control and feel. Explosive and very precise. Headsize: 98 in². Strung Weight: 9.7oz. Standard Length.

$149.95, Feedback

Pacific BX2 Force Comp

Controllable power and plenty of spin potential make this very comfortable racquet a nice option for a wide range of ability levels. Headsize: 105 in². Standard Length. String Pattern: 16x19.

$149.95, Feedback

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