Mike Marquez

Mike Marquez
Height 5'7"
Weight 155
Dexterity Right Handed
NTRP Rating 5.0
Favorite Player (All time/Current) Roger Federer / Gael Monfils
Playing Style Semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. Mostly a baseline player with some what serve and volley.
Tennis Background Started playing tennis about four years ago. Once I started playing I got hooked and could not put down a tennis racquet. Played 2 years of high school varsity tennis as well as one year of college tennis at Allan Hancock College.
Current Equipment
Racquet Prince Triple Threat Warrior Customized
String & Tension Kirsbauchm Pro Line II 17 @ 58 LBS
Dampener Used Yes - Gamma Shockbuster II
Overgrip Used Wilson Pro Overgrip
Shoes Nike Air Court Ballistic 3.3
Other None
Top 3 Favorites
Racquets 1) Wilson BLX Six.One Team
2) Prince EXO3 Warrior 100
3) Head YOUTEK IG Extreme MP 2.0
Shoes 1) Nike Air Court Ballistic 4.3
2) Lotto Raptor 2
3) Nike Zoom Breathe 2K12
Strings 1) Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution X 17
2) Volkl Cyclone 17
3) Polyfibre Black Venom 17
Overgrips 1) Wilson Pro Overgrip
2) Yonex Super Grap
3) Tourna Tac II XL