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Yonex EZONE Ai 98

New Precise and spin-friendly, this racquet offers a very smooth impact and enough pop to put your opponent on defense. Headsize: 98 in². Strung Weight: 11.5 oz. Standard Length.

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Tourna Poly Big Hitter Black 7 String 16

With seven edges, this string bites the ball and gives it all the kick you desire. Designed for strong players looking for mid-range power response, heavy spin and great accuracy.

$9.95, Feedback

Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Navy/Green

Sale The update to the Gel Solution, this shoe offers greater stability but with the same lightweight performance.

$79.00, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

New This very special Pro Staff was designed with the help of Roger Federer. It is solid as a rock and offers an amazing combination of feel, plow-through and precision. Headsize: 97 in². String Pattern: 16x19. Strung Weight: 12.6 oz. Standard Length. See order page for arrival dates.

$219.00, Review, Feedback

Luxilon Savage 16 String

This control oriented polyester has a six-sided shape, allowing for excellent spin potential.

$13.95, Review, Feedback

adidas adizero CC Tempaia III Orange/Pur

Sale Lighter than ever, Ana Ivanovic's shoe of choice is made for the player looking for the quickest shoe of them all in a stable, durable, breathable package. Complete with climacool technology to keep your entire foot cool on the court.

$79.95, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 95S

Sale Spin, precision, and speed. This maneuverable spin machine can drop the ball on a dime. Incredible feel with a nice plush response. String Pattern: 16x15. Strung Weight: 11.6. Standard Length.

$119.00, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $109.00 each.

Prince Tour XS 1.35+ String

New Offering massive spin potential, this string's triangular geometry and pronounced edges are built for grabbing the ball. Delivers exceptional precision on full swings.

Get 3, Pay For 2!

$13.00, Review, Feedback

Prince Tour XC 15L String

New Offering maximum durability and phenomenal control, this very spin-friendly co-poly is perfect for big hitters. Try this ultra thick gauge for super open string patterns!

Get 3, Pay For 2!

$10.00, Review, Feedback

Luxilon ALU Power 15 String

New The thickest version of Luxilon's most popular string. This one offers exceptional durability and directional control, while also managing to deliver impressive feel for such a thick gauge.


Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed Black/Grey Men's Shoe

New Shoe of choice for touring pros David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro, the Raptor Ultra IV Speed has exceptional all- around comfort, support and stability, and is backed by a 6 month durability guarantee.

$119.99, Review, Feedback

Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS

New Fast and very spin-friendly, the 97 LS combines easy targeting with a lively response. The maneuverability and controllable power should suit a wide range of ability levels. Headsize: 97 in² String Pattern: 18x16. Standard Length.

$199.00, Review, Feedback

Polyfibre TCS 16L/1.25 String

A soft co-poly string. Offers exceptional access to spin, excellent control and a very soft and forgiving response compared to competing co-polys.

$11.90, Review, Feedback

YTex Quadro Twist 16L String Black

New Two words: massive spin. This lively co-poly is a gift to all those who want maximum spin potential and above average comfort for a firm control string. Big swings result in balls that come down hard and explode off the court.

$12.25, Review, Feedback

KSwiss Ultra Express Pink/White

New Modeled to be fast, just like a running shoe, this shoe features seamless construction in a plush, lightweight, colorful package.

$99.99, Review, Feedback


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