VLOG #429 Week of Apr 3-10

Bosworth Prince Tour Diablo Mid Racquet (3/8)
Price: $170.00
The Tour Diablo Mid is a scalpel with a phenomenal combination of precision and feel. These samples are light and fast.
Bosworth Prince Tour NX Graphite Racquet (3/8)
Price: $120.00
These Tour NX Graphite paint jobs are solid midplus control sticks that rewards big hitters with a comfortably firm feel and surgical response.
Tecnifibre TFight 305 Dynacore Racquet
Price: $179.00
New Loaded with speed and precision, the TFight 305 Dynacore combines the amazing control of a traditional player's racquet with the raw speed needed for the modern game. Headsize: 95in². String Pattern: 18x19. Standard Length
Tecnifibre TFight 325 Dynacore Racquet
Price: $189.00
New This maneuverable player's racquet provides an impressive level of control and feel. A great option for intermediate and advanced players who the stability of a 12 ounce racquet in a speedy package. Headsize: 95in². String Pattern: 18x19. Standard Length.
Tecnifibre TFight 295 Dynacore Racquet
Price: $169.00
New A great option for strong beginners in search of control or more advanced players who want a light racquet with user-friendly access to pace and spin. Headsize: 100in². String Pattern: 16x20. Standard Length.
Tecnifibre TFight 315 Dynacore Racquet
Price: $189.00
New Offering a speedy and spin-friendly response with controllable power, this racquet offers impressive accuracy and easy offense to intermediate and advanced players. Headsize: 98in². String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.