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Volkl V-Star 17 String

Price: $9.99

New A very comfortable co-poly with decent pop and plenty of spin-potential. Great for intermediate and advanced players with long, fast strokes. Try this 17g version for a little extra spin potential and more feel than the 16g version.

Tecnifibre HDX Tour 16 String

Price: $20.95

New A multifilament that blends firm and flexible fibers to create a crisp feeling string with a nice balance of power and control. This 16g version offers slightly more durability than the 17g version.

Free overgrip pack with purchase!

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Kirschbaum Max Power 17 (1.25) String

Sale Price: $13.90

New This firm co-poly offers the kind of control that will give big hitters the confidence to crush the ball. Offers exceptional durability and plenty of spin. Try this 17g version for a nice combination of spin and feel.

Get 2, Pay for 1!

Kirschbaum Max Power Rough 17 (1.25) String

Sale Price: $13.90

New This rough version of Max Power delivers truly phenomenal control on full swings. This is a great option for big hitters who like ripping into the ball and creating loads of spin. Offers exceptional durability.

Get 2, Pay for 1!

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YTex Square-X 16L String Black

Price: $12.25

New Perfect for players with long, fast strokes. This is a very spin-friendly co-poly with phenomenal control. Above average comfort for a firm monofilament.