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The Extreme is ideal for the big-swinging, modern player looking for loads of power and spin.

Head Graphene Extreme Pro

New At nearly 12 ounces, this modern player's racquet is lively and extremely spin friendly. Great for hitting heavy balls that explode off the court. Headsize: Strung Weight: 11.8oz. Standard Length.

$169.95, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $159.95 each.

Head Graphene Extreme MP

New Updated with Graphene, the Extreme MP plays fast and delivers loads of spin. A great choice for aggressive players looking for a crisp and lively racquet with very easy targeting. Headsize: 100 Strung Weight: 11.3oz. Standard Length.

$169.95, Review, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $159.95 each.

Head Graphene Extreme Lite

New As the lightest member of the Extreme family this racquet packs a ton of spin and pop into a very speedy package. Headsize: Strung weight: 10oz. Standard Length.

$169.95, Feedback
Buy 2 or more for $159.95 each.

Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro 2.0

Sale (1/4), (3/8), (1/2), (5/8) Only. A great option for solid all court players who want control and stability from all areas of the court. Headsize: 100sq. in. Standard length. Pattern:16x19.

$99.95, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Extreme MP 2.0

Sale Loaded with comfort and control, players will appreciate the larger sweetspot created by the new S-Tech Grommets. Recommended to 4.0 + players who want a very versatile frame with great stability. Head Size: 100 sq. inches. Strung Weight: 11.5 oz. String Pattern: 16x19.

$99.95, Review, Feedback

Head YOUTEK IG Extreme S 2.0

Sale The controllable power and stable response make this a very user-friendly oversize racquet. Perfect for the developing all court player in search of easy shot making. Head Size: 107 square inches. Standard length. Pattern: 16x19.

$99.95, Review, Feedback

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